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TreeCents demonstrated at national Tree Farmer Association meeting in Fort Collins

October 5, 2004

Lots of tree farmers and forestry consultants tried TreeCents at Fort Collins, Colorado in September. Even though keynote speaker Clint Bentz accurately pointed out that most tree farmers put leaving a family forest legacy way above profits, many tree farmers share our opinion at Forest Econ Inc. that building forest wealth and forest legacy are both complementary investments in a forestry future. You can have it all!  A bigger, healthier more valuable, family forest asset is always preferable and TreeCents can help. At Fort Collins we introduced our new new TreeCents automatic display--"a quick TreeCents tour." But, in addition we were able to work personally with many tree farmers to let them try both TreeCents and DLPoplar on the spot. Our thanks to the American Forest Foundation for putting on such a fine event.

At such meetings Forest Econ Inc. always donates a CD containing the appropriate regional TreeCents edition for the silent auction. If you would like to have TreeCents demonstrations or a Forest Econ Inc. presence at your forestry event---please call.If the lucky bidder at Fort Collins wants another region than the one they won, please let us know.

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