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Guess what? There are real humans behind virtual expert systems!

Forest Econ Inc 's TreeCents Forest Economists

M. Eugenia Camelio, MS

Eugenia is a forest engineer in Chile, a country known for advances in afforestation and intensive timber investments. It is embarrassing how far ahead of us they are in some types of forestry. She was already an experienced forester and expert in data management before her graduate studies made her a specialist in forest investment analysis. Through the miracle of the internet, she brings her considerable talents in visual basic programming to the TreeCents design team as if she were sitting in the next office next door. She is the main reason that newer TreeCents editions are both eye-catching and extremely user friendly. Her current project is to adapt our North American TreeCents format to a metric units and multiple currency edition for use in international forestry development projects. In addition to TreeCents, she designs investment programs for super-poplars in intensive timber culture. In her spare time, Eugenia is writing the definitive guide to Chilean traditional family cuisine. The staff at Forest Econ Inc. are delighted that she shared a draft with her North American colleagues.

Charley McKetta, PhD, CF

Charley is forest economics professor emeritus from University of Idaho. He taught timber investment analysis, forest taxation and integrated forest management modeling there for more than two decades. He found that forest investment analyses could get so complicated and time-consuming that students hated it and rarely performed them after graduating. In 2002, Charley became director of Forest Econ Inc., the forest and natural resources division of CHK economists, a diversified economics consulting group that specializes in educational, regional, and natural resources economics. Besides his academic experience, he has been a strategic forest management consultant for international forestry development agencies and banks on projects throughout South America and South Asia. He is a Society of American Foresters certificated forester, and SAF named him Inland Empire "forester of the year." His passion is flying the Idaho back country in his own bush plane.

Even though he has a forestry PhD, Charley learned real forestry working with experienced practical consulting foresters on his own Nora Creek Forests, a non-industrial private forest system with stands in Washington, Idaho, and Texas. He found that even they weren't doing the investment calculations that their clients needed. So he wrote the first crude edition of TreeCents to take the mistakes and tedium out of doing his own forest investment calculations. He now uses the same user friendly editions you do to fine tune his forest practices so that they average 6.9% ROR after taxes. The Tree Farm Association named him 2003 Idaho Tree Farmer of the year, mostly for showing that you can turn mining wastelands into a beautiful sustainable forest that both achieves traditional stewardship goals and builds financial wealth.

TreeCents User Testimonials

Bob Hassoldt, Seven Ridges Forestry in Kendrick, Idaho <>

Mr. Hassoldt submitted an unsolicited TreeCents review in the forestry chat room of and said some very nice things about an early version of the Inland West Forests TreeCents.

"Unfortunately a great deal of uncertainty and confusion exists when money is applied to forestland investments...As one that is profoundly computer illiterate, this program is nice since all I have to do is push buttons and fill in blanks in order to get some sophisticated investment results....Thankfully for me no programming is required and there are lots of help buttons, definitions or warnings about sensitive entries."

Thanks! He now uses a TreeCents 2.11 upgrade that is even better! ...and he uses a Northern Forests TreeCents 2.4 for clients in upper New York state.

We're expecting this list to grow rapidly


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