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The updated TreeCents! has been cancelled!

TreeCents is no longer available in its 4 regional Editions

This site is being maintained to provide current user support

TreeCents was originally developed in the Inland West, but forest owners from other regions wanted their own variants. Now TreeCents is available for four distinct North American forest regions.

The Available Forest Region Editions are:

bulletInland West Forests 2.11               available now!
bulletWest Coastal Forests 2.2               available now!
bulletSouthern Forests 2.3                     available now!
bulletNorthern Forests 2.4                      available now!
bulletDL Poplar 3.0                                 available now!
bulletMetric international (English) TCME1.0              in development
bulletMetric international (Spanish)TCMS1.0              in development

TreeCents Program Applicability

As TreeCents evolved with each new regional edition, its project representation flexibility increased. As a result, we upgraded all the preceding regional editions to contain similar analytical features. If you don't know which TreeCents edition to buy, the programming logic and function is now almost the same from region to region.

There are now only four principle differences between TreeCents editions:

(1) each edition has different regionally unique imbedded photos;

(2) different editions have different products that are use different common measurement units; and

(3) imbedded examples of timber yield tables vary significantly region-to-region.

(4) Southern & Northern editions have slightly more severance tax flexibility

In terms of logic, math and forestry format, there is no transitional learning curve between editions. TreeCents' built-in flexibility makes it possible to get by with TC 2.3 (Southern Forests) in the Inland West and TC 2.4 (Northern Forests) in the West coastal forests. We made the state and local tax module generic so that users are able to replicate almost any jurisdiction's timber tax in any edition. The short answer is if you have forest investments in more than one region, you can get by with only the TreeCents regional edition that you'll use most.

DL Poplar 3.0 is a highly specialized timber investment analysis edition that is limited to quick comparisons of short rotation intensive timber culture investments to agricultural crops that might be grown on the same land base.

Making Affordable Analyses Available

With only an inexpensive CD and less than an hour of practice, you can do analyses in minutes that usually take 3 to 4 long hand cranking hours, can stump experts, and normally cost $100ís.


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