Policy Impacts
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Natural Resource Policy Impacts Estimation

We take a regional economics perspective in defining rural resource economies, but are unique in having developed the technology of spatially disaggregating input-output analyses. This technique is particularly useful for evaluating public agency policy changes as well as providing the basis for local economic development strategies.


This means that we perform the following analyses:


Identify economic communities in the context of a regional trade hierarchy


Define the appropriate scale & model technologies for impact analysis


Measure baseline profiles of economic sector activity of local resource based communities


Build appropriate IMPLAN or spatially-disaggregated community impact models

Dynamic I-O for forecasting local sector development trajectories

Fiscal models of local government account interactions with federal policies

Quantify USFS management planning and projects as local private activity estimates

Estimate linkages between wood production and direct job & income effects

Estimate indirect and induced effects of sectoral changes in communities

Predict redistributions of social welfare at community and regional scales

Track spatial effects of community changes across regional trade patterns

Model and evaluate local economic development strategies & opportunities

Data bases for sociological analysis of local community function, quality-of-life & lifestyle changes



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