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Project & Market Microeconomic Analyses


We are natural resource micro-economists. In this role we perform many analyses relating to increasing the managerial efficiency of natural resource production projects. This work includes project financial optimization for private sector production and incorporating non-market attribute valuation and achievement estimates for economic optimization of public ecosystem projects.


Projects have included:


Measuring USFS economic influences on natural resource markets

Analyzing cost-effectiveness in large wildfire suppression

Local & regional timber availability and supply analyses

Advising private forest owners on federal & local timber tax minimization strategies

Commodity market function, and price formation

Private timber and log price forecasting

Predicting rates of value loss in timber salvage delays

Commodity price estimates for federal project planning and budget projections

Identify trade-off patterns in timber, forest health and wildlife habitat objectives

Ranch profitability optimization with joint private & public forage

Valuation of forestry non-market outputs and attributes

Design and market TreeCents timber investment analysis software

Comparative statics analyses for timber stand financial optimization

Evaluate silvicultural practices in afforestation, reforestation, existing forests & agroforestry

Develop timber Transaction Evidence Appraisal (TEA) systems

Analyze local derived demand for forest commodities and intangibles—from tourism to timber

Measure timber scarcity and market dynamics in developing countries

Feasibility studies for industrial expansion and reorientation

Land exchange valuation and feasibility studies

Design timber property rights systems to provide land-owner forestry incentives

Cost projections for resource projects-identify cost-effective & financially efficient choices

Estimate timber production cost effects of timber policy and environmental regulation

Evaluating state forest tax system effects and implications for management



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